Guys, I have an embarrassing flirting question.

I'm pretty bashful around guys, especially if I think they're attractive. I rarely approach them though. Instead I usually glance over their way numerous times, and divert my eyes once they notice. Or I might give a small, nervous smile or squeak out a hello. Lol Other times I just shift nervously when they are nearby. Would these be things you'd notice a girl doing, and if you noticed what would you think? Could you tell she liked you?

Forgot to mention it but I also will often smile at the floor a little.


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  • The small smile and squeaky hello I would notice probably. The glances and diversion of eyes, most likely not since it's pretty quick.

    Just from this, no way I would tell she liked me. Most often girls do these little things and guys assume she's interested when it's just nothing really.

    • What are things a shy girl could do that you'd notice?

    • When she's talking with me, she might seem nervous or not know what to say. I'm used to spotting this since it's happened a lot.

    • Lol. Ok. This is typical of me. I'll trip all over my own tongue.

  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It really depends on the girl and if I'm initially attracted to her or not


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