Guy's protective instincts....

Guys will show surprise/shock of some kind when something's going down (like "OH SH**!") and respond in some way, but I find that they respond in extreme fashions when a girl they care about yelps or shows fear over something (other than a purposeful teasing).

I have four examples (three different guys from very different backgrounds). I'd like to know if this is a regular response among guys, or if it's just certain types of guys.

(1) There's a mouse/baby rat in the apartment of a guy who was painting my portrait (for a school project of his). I gasped and instinctively stepped back a little, wide-eyed. He said "Oh Shoot!" shoved his palate at me, grabbed the thing and smashed it to bits in a bucket with a funny mop, then looked up and asked if I was okay. (I was appalled by the way he handled it, but he said that it's the only way to get rid of them, as he'd learned back home. I would've just swatted the thing out of the apartment with a broom...) After he washed up, he was very protective of me the rest of the afternoon, checking to make sure I was okay.

(2) Scary movie -- I'm not a fan at all, but the guy I was with insisted on taking me to see the high def anniversary remake of Friday13th. I told him to go with his guy friends, but he wasn't having it. I kept jumping back in my seat and pushing my face into his shoulder to hide my face from the screen. He thought it was cute and just hugged me tight the whole time, but when we got home a GIANT racoon was peering through the window from the back yard and I screamed to high heaven. His reaction -- fast as lightening -- was to run to the window. When he realized what it was, he just called DEP, since the poor creature was trapped in the yard, but then he held me the rest of the night and made sure I was okay. I never had to accompany him to another fright fest again.

(3) I saw the biggest bug today -- literally the size of my hand O_O ! My first reaction was a short loud yelp. My friend BOLTED to my side in a second "What!?" he said in total alert mode. I breathed, kept my eye on the bug, and trapped it long enough to flick it out the window, but the guy's reaction reminded me of my other two friends' reactions.

(4) (Much tamer and in a public restaurant:) A guy is on his first date with me and asks me what I'd like to eat. Since he knows the place (and is paying), I asked him to recommend one or two small things and we'd share. I just asked that there not be X or why in the dishes because I'm allergic. When the food arrived, the order was incorrect. He immediately eyed it and said "Wait," putting his hand down like a gate/sheild (between me and the counter), and asked the waiter what that was. "Sorry, but the lady has allergies and I don't know what's in that." The waiter apologized and took the dishes away. I looked up at the guy in shock. No one (even relatives) had ever done that for me.

What's the deal? If another guy responded to such things in fear, would you have the same reaction?


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  • Instincts.

    men used to be hunters and very combative, so when they are shocked or scared, they will jumpy back and be more alert (they had to not only defend themselves, but be able to attack).

    Women are (not being offensive) not as strong or as aggressive as men are, so when they are shocked or scared they will go into an SOS mode, usually screaming very loud, running or trying to hide or turn their back to protect themselves.

    Since men sort of liked having their women stay alive, whenever they hear a girl scream their first reaction is to haul ass to the scream or woman if they can see her, to protect her or fight off whatever was trying to kill her. If it wasn't for this reaction, the human race probably would have died off thousands of years ago.

    This is probably why.

    • But see how nothing was actually trying to kill me, lol. We're in civilized settings, in a big city, and yet the reaction is still very...IDK, Tarzan, you know? You have a good point about the guys. I've seen Moms react the same way for their kids, though. It's a strange and really intense thing to witness!

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  • There's an instinctual reaction in primates to protect the females around them. This instinct is millions of years old

    • Yes, of course, but it would seem more useful if we weren't in the "concrete jungles" of the 21st century... Is it only a response to females they're attracted to, or is it an inclination towards ALL females?

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    • Wow... noted! Thanks. :-)

    • no problem :)

  • Those sound like my type of reactions too.

    • But is it only a reaction to women's fears, or would you have the same reaction if it was one of your guy buddies?

    • Yes, it'd be the same reactions to women's fears.

  • Men have fears just like women, but we tend to be more afraid for our significant other than we are for ourselves, if we believe they are in actual danger. It is similar to how a mother will fight off an attacker twice her size to protect her child. If you saw a bug the size of your hand running toward your baby, you would react much different.

    • Exactly what I was just mentioning to ANON who posted just before you. If it was my husband or BF, let's say, or someone from my family, I'd agree, but (4) was a guy I'd just met, and (1) through (3) were just friends from work/college... We saw each other regularly, but barely knew e/o.

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    • I am from the mid-West so maybe that is why it seems normal to me.

    • I really do think that's the key. Your Mommas raise you right, lol.

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  • That's so sweet, all of those. :D

    • They're sweet sorts of guys. Super tough on the outside, sweet and mushy on the inside, like S'mores, lol. (4) was especially surprising, since I didn't know him more than about an hour. It felt nice to be taken care of that way. (1)-(3) I'd say were just really good friends to look out for me that way.

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