What happened did I screw up?

So I Was cuddling with female friend. We flirt a lot and she was cuddling back. This was at her house with friends watching jackass3. Anyways everyone goes to bed and we are on the couch. She says "I will be back" So I don't know what to think sex maybe more cuddling I don't know sshe comes down and says "Here's a blanket for you good night." In my mind I was like wtf? little confused. She knows I Haven't gotten any in 5 months might have turned her off or she don't see me like that.


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  • Seems like she felt awkward and didn't wanna go further than cuddling. Think with your head, not with your d*** - "I haven't gotten any in 5 months" .. no wonder she gave you the cold shoulder.

    • Seriously. Then guys like this whine and complain about how terrible women can be. "I DIDN'T GET MY WAY!" Just having the nerve to toss in "I haven't gotten any in 5 months" makes me hope he goes another 5 months without any. Talk about lack of respect for women...

    • Couldn't have said it any better myself! I hope he goes the rest of his life without 'getting any'.

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  • So because she knows that you haven't gotten any in awhile means you're entitled to her lady bits because she cuddled with you? Really? Wow.

  • It was bedtime.. she was getting you a blanket...

    Would you rather she left you without one?

  • Just because she was cuddling doesn't necessarily mean she's going to jump in the sheets with you. Everyone went to be, so she took her cue to not make anything else of the night. It's not necessarily bad, she just doesn't seem to be one to sleep with somebody. Especially just because you haven't had sex in 5 months -_-

  • Are you dating her? Girls don't think of sex first, they think of cuddling and sex after a few weeks of cuddling... she might of been waiting for you to offer to cuddle in her bed and then maybe that would lead to something, Did you offer to continue cuddling in her bed? Try offering next time... cuddling can lead to sex if that's what your looking for.

  • Um, I think she just doesn't see you like that.

    Or maybe, possibly, she's one of the few girls that do NOT sleep with every guy they like. And maybe you have to actually WORK for it if you want sex. I know that might sound crazy, but there actually are still a few girls out there with moral values.

    • Also you aren't "entitled" to 'getting any' just cause she cuddled with you and you haven't gotten laid in 5 months. : /

  • definitely doesn't like you like that. if she did, she would have stayed on the couch with you and kept cuddling. by the way your train of thought to sex when she left is jumping the gun by a lot, haha. I don't know any girl that would leave like that only to come back to have sex with a guy who is just her friend, however like the one guy said, you've been friend zoned. you didn't screw up though, she just doesn't want a real relationship with you, sorry.

    • Damn. So hard to get laid.

    • what can I say? girls are picky, but for good reason. also, most girls end up going a lot longer than 5 months without getting any and have little sympathy for guys that say they "haven't gotten any" in a while, no offense.

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  • Friend zone. Might as well scrape your face on stucco. You're not getting any from her.