Is he rushing things ?

I have now been with my boyfriend for four years and ill be a sophomore in the fall and he'll be a jounior. He asked me to marry him when I get out of high school. I said yes but one friend thinks it's rushing it. I personaly don't see my self with any one other then him. he is my first guy I truly fell in love with and the only guy I am willing to have sex and childern with,But I kinda want to know what you think...And guy is it true that when you talk about the futur with a girl you mean it, I know girls always talk about getting married to every boyfriend that they have [ I'm not one of those girls though I do think about what I wannt my wedding to be like someday] thank you for your adivce and I am gratefull that you took your time in helping me <3


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  • Who you are right now in not who you are going to be by the time you are 25. He is also going to change as he gets older. When people get married young, it rarely works out. That said, there are no guarantees in this life. We can not be afraid to love, just because we might get hurt. If you want to marry him, then marry him.

    Worst comes to worst, you get divorced and you learn from your experience. Marriage and divorce are not that big of a deal anymore. Having children is a way bigger commitment. That I would be far more careful about.

    I would make sure that you are both stable financially, and good at sticking to a budget. Money is the number one reason people break up.


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  • As a girl who dated a guy from sophomore year in high school to just one month ago (I'm 21 now). It's definitely rushing things. I was head over heels in love with this guy. I never believed that I wouldn't be in love with him. When 'adults,' tell you that people change, it's 100% true. This guy was my best friend, now I barely know him. I'm not saying that it won't work out, because in some cases, it does. I'm just saying that you're still young and have so much ahead of you. Keep your options open for your personal future before you decide on a future with someone else.

    • yea me and him like each other for four years before we even dated so and my other friend kinda texted me sating true lovers lol but yea thank you so much <3