Is he playing games or do you think he is mad at me?

So last week I arranged to go on a date with a guy I like very much. I haven't spoken to him in a long time, probably a couple of months. And when I usually talk to him its through text and he often would text "hi beautiful" or something but no reply when I'd text back. And the pattern would repeat (annoying, yes). Well this time, after we had the details of our date mapped out, he sent me a picture of him in his luxury car and it turned me off because it came off kind of cocky. And with it he put he couldn't wait to see me. I wasn't even going to respond at first but ended up just replying back that I couldn't wait either but I did it way later. I had told him I'd have to get back with him regarding the exact time and today I did. But now he hasn't responded. Is he playing games now because of me taking long to reply last time? Did I hurt his feelings or crush his ego because I didn't reply or acknowledge the picture?


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  • I think he is just trying to play cool with you and it is working, as you are clearly thinking about him. I wouldn't worry about upsetting his feelings as you haven't done anything wrong. I mean you sound like such a straight forward cool girl that he should count himself lucky you don't play the "ignoring texts/no reply" games like so many other people do. And you replied late, big deal. He needs to realize that you don't spend all day looking at your phone waiting for his texts and calls. And why should he expect a compliment? The biggest thing I have learnt in life is expect nothing when you give.

    Ok I would advise you do nothing. Why should you? If he really likes you that much and wants you, let HIM get in contact with you now. Otherwise let Mr Ego play his silly little games and you move on to a more straight forward guy. Something tells me this guy is kind of shifty so be careful as I don't like the idea of you getting hurt by him.

  • He is flaming.


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