If a girl texts back quickly...... (calls you buddy/Friend zone?)

It's been like a month since I last texted her (she never texts first but always answers me)

I said Hey she replied back with

Hey Buddy how are you do you have fb?

I didn't reply for like 30 min and she hit me up with a ?

after awhile I said what are you up to and she said she was with her boyfriend chillin.

we texted for like 2 hours and she always replied very quickly (sometimes less then a min) with winky faces and all

Usually I heard it's not good if she calls you "buddy" cause she might just look at you has a friend but I don't know why she asked If had a fb and why we talked that long if her "bf" was right there

so am I friend zoned or not

side note: 2 months ago I was a "a**hole" to her


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  • She has a boyfriend so you are only a friend to her. Sorry


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  • Nothing special about replying message quickly. For some people like me, I can type real fast, either using computer or phone, so replying fast is just because she's able to type fast.


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