Girls, when you show a guy that you care and are concerned about him?

But you keep telling him that you are not friends and that you don't like him (but you talk to him all the time), what's the motivation for caring? Not that its a bad thing, but its happening to me right now and I've been raking my brain trying to figure out why she is always trying to help me.


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  • This girl sounds confused and rude. I would move on.

    The only thing I could think of is the basic feeling of caring for another human being and having sympathy and empathy. However, if you talk to a person on a regular basis, surely they are your friend.

    • Yeah, I mean, I'm not one to just sit there and take the "empathy", its OK I guess but I can deal with problems on my own. However, she seems truly concerned and I don't have the heart to tell her to stop doing that because it gets on my nerves. Yes we do talk regularly, like if we are in the same area we will probably talk to each other for as long as we are there and its like we are the only people in the room, so I'm guessing there's some basic friendship there, but she denies it :S

    • You may just been to be a bit more cold to her when you see her. Be a bit less responsive.

  • She could be afraid of showing her true feelings... unfortunately, I understand that all too well...


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