Is there something there? Or is it all in my mind?

I have been talking to this guy and who works at my job. I'm 23 and he's 21. From the moment I met him, I was attracted to him, but I was involved in a complicated "relationship" which just ended recently. I first started noticing my co-worker seem to be extra "nice" to me - he would offer me food on our break, and would be concerned about me when I would move clothing in our store. Every chance - he would ask when would I be working again, and he would gladly tell me when he was scheduled, and how he hoped we would be able to work the same days. We would strike up a conversation, which I noticed he would randomly ask about my relationship and this guy in my life. After a while, the topic of the guy in my life, and requests for more details (his name, where he lived,when was the last time I saw him, ect) would come up quite often, until we were officially, not together anymore - which then my co-worker would assure me I would meet someone better, maybe even someone at our store/closer to where I lived. We started talking more these last two weeks, and literally would find the most random things to talk about, simply to see each other while working. I eventually got up the courage to ask him to attend a music event with me, and we are going for two days Saturday and Sunday - both taking days off - and I even asked for his number to text him the information. We texted back and forth a little after that, and the next time I saw him, he even brought up again how excited he was to go to this event with me. He would eagerly give me a tight hug at the end of the day, our conversations always linger a bit longer than they should during work and I've caught him a few times even staring at me, and then would smile. Everything seemed to point to a mutual interest, except that he casually mentions during one of our brief conversations his girlfriend, which up until now I didn't realize existed. But I continued to talk to him, simply as a friend and co worker, but it still all puzzles me, because he's barely mentioned much more about her than the two conversations we had recently. He also is still attending this event with me,and he just asked to add me to Facebook - tonight we spent four hours chatting about everything from our families to our favorite foods - even though we have work today, and the last time I saw him - he hugged me real tight, and then squeezed my shoulder lightly while telling me to get home safely and he'll message me.So, Is he into me? Is it all in my mind? And what should I think since he doesn't really talk about his relationship (he's been listed to be in a relationship for about a month on Facebook) that often to me? Thanks!


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  • Hmm, that's complicated. He does have interest in you, that's for sure. But I can't tell as to whether anything will ever happen between you two. Next time you see him, casually ask if he told his girlfriend about the festival, and see what his answer is.

    Good luck,


    • It does seem complicated doesn't it? I'm glad I'm not losing my mind! I was thinking of asking him that actually I just thought it might be awkward, but necessary.

    • Haha, yeah I say do that