What do I do? I am out of answers

There was this girl, lets call her X who I met through some friends, we chilled as a group and I messaged her on facebook saying id Love to get to know her. She messaged back saying she would as well, and I asked to set up a time to chill. We never talked after that.

3-4 months went down the road when we saw each other at a Superbowl party, and she told her friend, lets call her Z (the one who really introduced us, and she is my friends f*** buddy, which is how we met) that she thought I was cute afterward, so I told Z to tell her to msg me because we haven't talked since I messaged her, so I felt a little stupid.

She did, she gave me her number and we constantly texted for 2 weeks, non stop, all day. They were long paragraphs. We had a lot in common, we both were beginning to really like each other. She constantly complimented me, and seemed to be really into me. She would ask me questions about myself, and she seemed really interested in knowing about me. We then, decided that me and my buddy, and X and Z would all go out. So we did, we went to a bar, where all of my ex girlfriends friends were which made me really awkward. We talked throughout the night, but there was no real touching involved really. It was valentines day the next day so I gave her a little gift (some chocolates and a card that told her how much I liked her). She opened this in the bathroom just as we were about to leave. We then left and she told me she opened it and she thought it was was so cute. We then got in the car, and finally she grabbed my leg, and from there it led to holding hands, and we went back to her friends. My buddy and her were upstairs while me and her were cuddling on the couch downstairs. I was drunk and I had a really dry mouth, and she went to kiss me and I pulled away, because I was embarresed how dry my mouth was. It was a stupid decision now that I think of it and I really regret it.

Its now a couple weeks down the road, we still text all day, although not as much as we did in the beginning, and she tells me she likes me and is interested in getting to know me, but she doesn't compliment me as much or seem as interested as before I rejected her kiss. Ever since that night, every time I ask to chill she always acts like she is busy, and can never make time for me, yet I know she isn't as busy as she says she is.

I don't know what to do. I know not kissing her has a big part to play in this and if I had of kissed her that night, it would have been a totally different story, but every time she asks me to chill, its "oh come to this club with us", or she will invite me to a party with other people, but it is never one on one. I gave up asking her to chill, and I told her that this is going nowhere because she can't make any time to chill with me, and if she doesn't change things won't work.

What do I do? Do I continue texting her, and wait for her to ask me, or just stop replying? Play harder to get? I am out of answers

If you have any questions ask :)


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  • Explain to her why you didn't kiss her that night. That's the only thing you can do. She seems to think maybe that you aren't as interested in her or something since you rejected the kiss. Or just kiss her! haha. Talk to her about your feelings and explain that you didn't mean anything by it and that you want to spend time wither *her*.

    • I have explained to her several times my reason for rejecting her kiss, and that it had nothing to do with not liking her. I explain all the time how much I actually like her. Its the fact that she won't make time to chill with me one on one, only in a group. I know she's not busy, I know she has time, so whys she say she like me, text me all day but won't chill with me.

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    • No, she's not a shy type of girl. She's really outgoing. Yes I deserve to know why. And her answer is that she's just really busy with school and work but I know she isnt

    • Ok, I would lay low. Something else is going on . Maybe she doesn't want to be in a relationsihp. I'm going through the same thing you are with my guy. I have learned to lay low and let them come to u. They usually do. If you haven't heard from her in a while text her in a few weeks.

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  • You fell in the "either f*** me or f*** off" trap :D

    People will think you are playing games: you flirt the living shit out of her and then you get her all horny and you are alone with her and you reject her kiss...

    Come one man...what do you think would go on in MY mind...I would call you a tease, a mindf*** that likes to play game and avoid meeting up with you again.

    Next time she says come to this and that club just GO and start over again.

    See it like this...

    Step 1- introduced by friends

    Step 2- started getting close trough messaging

    stept 3 - went out WITH friends

    step 4- had to get sexual

    Step 5- sex/relationship

    You went all the way to step 4, messed up and went back t step 2.

    So start over again by going to step 3 (going out WITH friends, like clubbing)

    And this time for godsakes...don't f*** up at step 4.

    check out link if you want more detailed information about this.