She said yes to a movie date?

Hey guys , the girl said to me that she will love to watch a movie, so I took the opportunity to suggest a movie date .vshe said she will love to watch the movie with me, so is this a date?

Problem is this is my first time with her, and I have heard that movies are bad first date ideas . However I jumped on the opportunity when she said she'll love to catch a movie and she said yes .

So basically what I want to know from you guys is that: is this a date?

And wha should I say/ do after the movies ? How do I end off the date .


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  • Probably a date.

    Is it at the movie theater or at your place?

    If its at the theater, get food after.

    If its at your place, ask her what she wants for dinner, and prepare a small but informal meal.

    • It's at the theater cos she hasn't watched the movie before and it's new.

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    • How shod I end off the date ?

    • Just feel it out. If she lingers, you could go for a kiss. End off with a hug for sure.

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  • See this is a tough one because it all depends on how she sees it. I had a guy invite me to a movie but I thought he meant as just friends and then later assumed we were dating because of it.

    I agree with madmisskelly that if you take her out for food afterward it might reassure the date thing. since this is your first time with her I would say definitely take it slow but if you've never hung out before and she agreed to go to a movie with you chances are good she's thinking of it as a date to


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  • Maybe see if she wants to do something before the movie itself? The movie, in itself is a bad date idea ( unless it's at your place...) just because you guys don't connect, you can't talk to each other. So be sure to do something to connect before or after.

    • Do you feel food is the best after movie ? Any ideas for before ?