Is it possible that you can be too sweet to guy and it kill any chance of him ever liking you romantically?

girls who cook for them and do nice things for them and be generally that bad? it seems like that would be something that guys would want in the long term so they would make good girlfriends. But it's becoming more and more apparent to me that guys want girls who are bitches, they want girls who less respectful towards them. why is that? It seems like nice girls lose too, not just nice guys.


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  • as long as you don't come across as desperate/overly clingy, he won't lose attraction to you. make sure you don't act like his mom. if you catch yourself being motherly, you have to take a step back.

    • ...ohhhhh, yeah, I can see where I could have come off as motherly a couple of times :S oops

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    • no, I can't be kinda maternal towards my friends. I'm a bit of a mother hen.

    • thanks ;)

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  • I would love for a girl to cook for me.

  • being "too nice" is much worse for guys than it is for girls

  • Some guys just get a bit too overwhelmed or get the sensation of being smothered when a girl it too sweet.

    But I'd think the majority would absolutely love all that.


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  • So.. if they like bitchy you'll be bitchy?

    Be who you are.

    if you are being nice because your afraid to stand up for yourself, or be yourelf, that's different, than having confidence& being 'kind;. being 'nice; is usually annoying. its like sucking up 24/7.

    even your question, suggests you are not being 'nice because its who you r, but because you want results--which is sucking up.

    if you are naturally kind can be strong with that fine. if you are acting like an ill do anything you want master, sort of person, its _not_ attractive.

    there seem to be a lot of two extremes. I'm afraid to lose you so ill do anything for you to keep i.

    & I'm afraid to lose u, so ill act like I don't give a sh*t, so when you leave, I will be prepared & anyways, you might stick around fir a while, trying to get me to want u. because no one likes feeling like a failure.

    they are both fake & in both cases ull end up stuck, playing a game for the entire relationship. either putting someone elses interests ahead of yours-- as in should I be nice because guys like nice, are should I be bitchy, because guys like bitchy, I don't care who I am, or what I like, or what I want. what do _guys_ want. or pretending you don't care about anything. -- as in, I'm too good for u, ill never have me & ill never let you catch me. & while I'm busy running from you, I'm totally alone. wasting my life being complete fake.

    if you like baking sh*t, go ahead bake. but do it because its who you r, not because you're trying to get something. people pick up on fake, even if they don't know where its coming from.

    jyst be h you r, & someone eventually will like you for you.

    figuring out if gus like nice or bitchy, is just you trying to guess someone elses agenda. have _your own_ .

    • I'm nice to everyone. I love giving to people and helping people and animals. I'm just a really generous person and I love to see people happy. I'm not just nice to the guys who I'm interested in. I like to help my girl friends out, I like to help random people I see on the streets, whether they're lost of if they've dropped something. I'm a firm believer in random acts of kindness.

  • You can never be too nice. I've heard that men like it when women cook for them. I'm not sure what the real reason is, but I think it's the same way why we would appreciate food from anyone we care about. They've put effort into it and have probably made it extra special because they're preparing it for you. It's like how home made presents mean more than a bought presents.

    I think that the men who want bitchy women are more immature and aren't respectful themselves. Or it could be that they want a nice woman, but maybe they don't have the right social skills so go for the bitchy women.

    I don't know... I just haven't seen a nice boy with a bitchy girl. The nice boys get the nice girls. I know lots of men complain that girls don't like the nice boys, but maybe they're falling for the wrong people... if that makes sense lol.

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