AGGGHHH! I feel like I can't breathe!

My boyfriend loves me a TON and I love him a TOOONNN! Just it seems like if I do ANYTHING without him that he takes it so wrongly. We are in an LDR and luckily get a lot of time together. I spend every Friday night with him, Saturday morning, Saturday night, a lot of hours on Sunday, then bring my laptop to work where I leave the camera on all day and we chat throughout the day. Then from 3:00-5:30 we sit and talk which my wokr ends at 4:30.. then I got home where we caht until I fall asleep. I LOVE every minute with him but I feel like I can't do anything else wihtout him taking it wrongly. I go out with my family instead of spending Saturday night with him and he thinks I don't want time with him.. I go out with friends to watch a movie, he thinks Id rather be with them... Now though, it is at an extreme. Yesterday I went to find something to cook and eat. it took me about an hour because I was eating slowly since I had done a fast the whole day, adn tehn I needed to decide what to cook and to cook it. Today he was hrt because of how long I took and thinking again that I didn't want to be with him. I got upset but held it in and thought I was talking to him fine. At one point I said, " You know I do have to eat!" ... then he gets upset thinking I am handling it harshly, making it seem like he is the one wrong and trying to make him feel bad and he doesn't like how I handle things when I am upset or hurt... I'm like gosh! I can't even express my feelings about this without it being taken wrong. I LOOOOVE my time with him, I absolutley do but I need some me time toooo. I don't know how to get that across his brain without sounding rudely or liek I want to be away from him. I'm just tired and fed up a little and need a break... but if I tell him I need a break he takes it wrongly and thinks that I don't want to try and solve this. There is no winning ever for me. Its like I have to be quiet, smile, accept whatever.. I'm just tired. :'(

What do I do?


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  • Quiet smile and accept.

    lol jks.

    Ok here's what you do, tell him "I need a break you're being a clingy mofo, stop being such a crybaby, love you xxxx, see you next Saturday"

  • You need to tell him straight up that you need space. It's the only way he'll see, and don't worry it won't hurt him. Just let him know that it's important for the relationship that both of you have breathing room, emphasize the point that the relationship is ok!


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