What does he mean by this?

I know this may seen self-explanatory but guys can sometimes be hard to read ... My boyfriend sent me a text today saying "You are so caring, You care about me so much, It's a nice feeling" He rarely ever says anything like this ... we are currently in a long distance relationship (4 hours away) and in a week or so he will be even farther away (15 hours by driving) and I thought how would we make this work and he said that even though he is moving away that it won't make a difference because he will visit often and I could visit him when I am done with school ... I guess my question is when a guy knows his girl cares about him then does this mean he will stick around?


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  • I can't answer the bigger question of how this relationship will work, and probably nothing he says or writes will tell you either. It's something that you have to play out to see the end result. As much as you want to analyze it and try and predict his true feelings and the future...you just can't. Sorry my friend.

    I can say that the text just sounds like he has been thinking about you and is especially appreciative of you right now. That is a good thing. It's nice he has noticed.


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