What is going on with this girl? Its like we are married

So I have been talking to this girl, we get along fine and everything but sometimes we argue a lot and we end up mad at each other.

Recently this happened and I tried to apologize and she kind of accepted it but told me she was still mad. So today I decided to mind my own business and let her be mad and not bug her. So she sees me and she says hi and I respond, I'm not very enthusiastic because I know she isn't happy with me but then she gets mad because I wasn't "enthusiastic" on my greeting. How am I supposed to be all happy if I know she is mad? Why does she get even maddet because of my "tone" of voice? I'm upset because she is mad so of course that's going to affect how I act around her. What am I supposed to do?


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  • Get her the book "Emotional Blackmail" and tell her she should read it, so she can maybe understand that her game is public information. She's trying to mold you, train you, whatever you want to call it. Rather than love you and appreciate you the way you are, she acts mad and makes up reasons to be mad at you until you slowly conform to how she wants you to be. How romantic, I know.

    So, when a real cause of an argument arises, you'll be too fed up with all her bullsh*t to care, give it the proper attention, understand, or try to resolve the issue. Then, women wonder why they suck at relationships and always find themselves single or undatable.

    Call her on her bullsh*t and tell her that is she's still mad at you, maybe she should go see a therapist, so she can have a neutral third party tell her that she has problems.

    • Wow, best answer for sure. That's exactly what it feels like, being molded. She says stuff like "i thought you were doing doing that" and "excuse me? I know you didn't say what you just did". But the funny thing is that she claims we are not even friends, so why the molding? She's a bit odd.

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