Can you tell me what this guy thinks of me from his messages?

this guy is my dance teacher and in the messages we are discussing classes and so on. I think he likes me... Well I really like him lol, but as the messages go on it's like he likes me less... I need an outside opinion... thx and it goes on for a bit, I guess you don't have to read all of it but if you can be bothered it would REALLY help me out.

Me: hey, I don't know whether to talk in English or french anymore.. lol but you probably realized I don't speak french as good as I write it!...just wanna say it turns out I actuallycan't make the workshop in any case, I didn't know but I'm leaving on holidays next Friday so.. I'm really sorry, it would have been great fun! kisses

p.s happy birthday for Saturday! [:-)]

him: hey thanks a lot [;-)] very kind of u! [;-)] its really sad that you can't be there it would have be a great experience cause the gilr who will be teachin that day, she's amazing and I would have been good for you to see how women dance hiphop! but yeah next time I guess [;-)] kisses and have a nice day ...

me: hey, I forgot to say thanyou for the workshop! I had a really great time [:)] I think everyone did, and hey thanks for talking to me, I'm glad to know you think I'm doin alright... [:)] c ya soon [:)]


him: you welcome cutie ,-)

go for it ok...


me:hey, I saw the links to the workshop, and I watched the videos lol.. the dancers look amazing! I would really love to come, is it possible to book a place? I wasn't on the list.. but I'm guessing the places are gonna be taken pretty quickly and I just don't wanna miss it lol..

thanks and have a nice weekend


glad you wanna come this is going to be a nice experience believe me...ok if you wanna garantee yourself a spot you can pay on this bank account nr:

ok as soon as I get the payment I'll put you on the list ,-))

kisses and have a nice weekend

me: OK I'll pay as soon as possible for 3 classes lol kisses

him: wow you motivated that's good ,-)

kisses and have a nice we. ,-)

me:lol see.. I said I was gonna keep tryin no matter what! lol

kisses have a nice we. :))

me: hey I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. those dancers are such amazing and inspiring people, it was really cool!... I even got the chance to talk with kendra and tell her what a great class it was and what a good time I was having. I would have said bye and thank you to you but you seemed kinda busy.. but no worries [:)] just so long as you know that I really appreciated the whole thing. kisses and c ya on Tuesday! [:)]

him: ola

thanks a lot ,-)) I'm glad to know you really enjoyed your time yesterday... and I really hope this experience kept you motivated for keepin on workin hard!

and by the way its not a chance to talk to kendra she's a normal human beeing like you and i... and she a simple person with a passion that's all [;-)]

its OK if you couldn't say goddbye to me I was surely busy... but we see e.o soon anyway [;-)] so don't worry... ok

have a nice Sunday and see you soon



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  • Yeah I think he likes you from his messages key words (kisses) (cutie) chances are he does :)

    • haha thanks I don't know the cutie thing was what made me think... lol but he kind of says kisses to a lot of people, English isn't his first language, that might already be obvious :p

    • Haha you're welcome OK lol mabey not then you never know he might :)

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