Should I pursue this guy?

A guy at school who I like started randomly talking to me. it started off about school, but then he started asking me personal questions, about my family, where I work, he even asked if I had a boyfriend. he would walk with me out to the parking lot and even hung out with me on our breaks. he eventually asked for my number, but it was so he could get in touch with me about our term paper, but when I tried to text him just for fun I got one word answers. I even asked if he wanted to hang out after school ended, but he said sure. he always talks to me in class. Should I even bother in actually setting up a date or just give up. I don't want to be annoying, but we live in different towns so its not like I can talk to him in person whenever I want. and I don't want to call him and have him say yes just because he feels he has to follow through.


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  • Did you try calling him or did you just text?

    People don't respect texts as much as phone calls and don't treat them as importantly.

    • Are you sure he knows your interested? He might be shy.

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