Not sure why she wanted me to call?

This is weird and I waited like 3 days before calling her after she sent me a message on Facebook.. I know this women who I think she might be like mid to late 30's she has her own fashion line and whatever.. But anyways she's NEVER spoken to me before and I was kinda shocked when I saw a message from her asking me to call her and she gave me her number.. So I call her with a bit of delay, mostly trying to figure out what it could be.. So I call her today and she's like this is her.. and she was like how did you get my number then I tell her and she remembers.. Then she was like where can I meet you at?

I kinda paused because I must of woke her up or whatever but I did not really understand but anyways she says she's going to call back a little later.

The reason why I ask this is I ran into a friend asking me if I ever did anything with Tiffany and I told him Tiffany? I don't remember ever doing anything with her.. But the weird thing is this women is also Tiffany...

Hmm.. Maybe it could be nothing.. but I've seen a lot of weird things in my life.

Maybe she saw my photo work? That's about all I can think of.. Must of been because I put up a lot of it on Facebook the past few weeks.
wow what the heck.. Maybe she got drunk? lol So she got me confused with another mike in the same town that she had to give a T-shirt to and she herself got confused over the whole thing but we had small talk about shooting some video for Dish Network.

But the whole thing was super odd lol.


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  • Lol. I'm confused too. You really should just ask her when she calls.

    • Yeah tell me about it lol

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    • Ha. Thank you for B.A.

    • No prob :D

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