Guys: What actually makes you like a girl?

What reasons do you end up actually liking a girl over just sexual stuff? How about in the context of a 16 year old boy, what would make you actually like a girl over the sexual stuff?


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  • other than her looks... the only things that will make me want to keep a girl is if she gives her heart, mind, and body to me only.. and is open and honest to me and doesn't view "sexual" stuff as a bad thing. she would have to want that same things with me too

    its simple as that

    • Well I would give my body to him but since he's a 16 year old boy I'm pretty sure that if I did that too quckly that's all he'd want from me then just get sick of me very soon.

    • trust is a hard thing .. I give you that ... depends on the type of guy he is too

    • well he's kind of quiet and shy, he's been friendzoned a lot by girls, his last girlfriend dumped him, and then he found me and I'm the farthest, sexually, he's gone with anyone.

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  • It All Comes into play. Her Personality, the way she speaks to me, her ability to make me laugh. But most importantly, How much time I can spend around her and still enjoy every second of it.

    In the back of every guys brain is the fact that the sexual things do happen, so you can never really remove that completely from thought. Since That Fuels Most Actions.

  • Personally, I think the way she is and the way she makes me feel about her makes me like her.


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