How long can a 25 year old man go without sex?

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 2 yrs. And dated for 1. Sex was great while dating. But have went from great to NONE. For weeks on end. We are about to get married. Is this normal?


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  • I would have to say that this isn't normal and it looks as if you guys have some sexual incompatibility issues. If you don't like it then don't get married to this guy because the feeling that you're having now is going to get worse as the years pass.

    While it is true that some guys have a lower sex drive, your story says that this wasn't the case when you were first together, so something has changed. Frequency of sex certainly changes with the amount of time spent together but to go from a lot to none is a bit extreme.

    As for going without sex, we can do it for a long time but not because that would be our choice.

    • In your oppinion. Would you say ,,, maybe he is cheating?

    • I wouldn't leap to that conclusion. There would have to be other signs than just the lack of sex.

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  • Not in my experience. It's a big puzzle to me. He's 25, and still in his prime, and, if that's you in the picture, it certainly isn't from a lack of incentive, from a physcial perspective. It's beyond me!

    • Thank you..for the kind words.. And its not like I don't try. I wear the sexy garments and everything. All I get a roll over at night!

    • Something's off. Doesn't sound like a ring I'd want on my finger. Sex isn't everything, but it can't be nothing either. Hope it works out for ya. Be well.

  • Is this not just a habit people get into? He might not want to approach you because it's been so long. If you're keen why don't approach him!

    • I do approach him, and all he says is " later baby" then later comes and he just rolls over and goes to sleep

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