Dismissing me but wants to be included ?

I noticed this girl acting really weird around me lately.

Okay we're always around each other (she follows me) and lately when I tell her something she acts so dismissive or tries to minimize the things I feel happy about or just plains laughs and feigns like it's so stupid and insignificant even says 'I don't care" when we're in private.

So I just stopped telling her. But I noticed when I don't share these same experiences with other people like our mutual friends she acts completely different, or says nothing entirely while everyone else is happy for me. She even goes as far a being offended and repeatedly asks me "Why didn't you tell me?" .

What is her deal?


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  • I think she simply doesn't like you, there's always going to be people like that that are confusingly annoyed with you even when you've done nothing to them.

    • So then why does she follow me?

    • & she also has other available friends.

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  • I gave you a low rating for the unoriginal, repetitive, over-used "dismissed" in your title.

    Sounds like she doesn't like your personality but she may feel lonely and want someone around so she puts up with you

    • Don't rate at all then I don't ask questions for creativity.

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    • LOLLLL good thing I only have social problems and not personal ones. You just showed me how blessed I truly am because I can never be as sad as you.

    • as sad as me? lol, that is a very weak comeback. So I'm sad for letting you know that you lack originality? Okay,someone is butt hurt and can't handle the truth. And apparently you do have personal problems hun, a girl is using you as a friend when it's convienent and you're not even intelligent enough to pick up on it.