I have sh*tty genes, what should I do?

My genes are what you would call inferior genes. Women from generations always chose their mate based on how superior a man's genes were compared to the other men. Well mine are quite inferior. No matter how much I'll work out and eat right I can't bulk up and just stay skinny. I'm quite ugly looking and only of average height, 5'8. I'm allergic to a lot of things, including pets. My dad was never a ladies' man when he was younger and since I'm of a different ethnic background where there are arranged marriages, that's how he got married. If it wasn't for arranged then I don't think he could have gotten a girl his whole life due to the inferior genes. I read somewhere that girls in their minds, whether they will admit it or not kinda just hate men who carry inferior genes and want them to not have sex at all so eventually they will die out, hence inferior genes eliminated. Even though I can resort to arranged marriages like my dad being of a different ethnic background, I would NEVER do it and rather die without ever having done anything with a girl than marry a girl who is just willing to marry me because her parents want her to.

Wow, people are quite nice in here. Only one answer. I've noticed I rarely get answers from people when I mention I'm not white. When I ask questions where my race isn't mentioned, there are decent number of answers.


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  • a lot of chicks don't care about "inferior genes." I've seen some very beautiful girls go with fat guys, ugly guys, old guys, you name it. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. From what I can see, women are all pretty much selfish and heartless.

    • Well yeah but that's because those are quite rich. I'm not a rich guy here. I disgree with women being selfish and heartless. I have a mother who raised me and took care of me and a sister who loves me too so I don't think they are heartless at all. If they were then I'd be completely ignored by them. Just because women aren't attracted to certain guys and don't give them a chance doesn't mean they are heartless. Women are attracted to guys with superior genes, rich guys are included in there.

    • Why are rich guys are included, even though they might be fat, ugly, and old? Because they have the superior genes or being superior to other guys with respect in their society due to their wealth. They know they can get their women almost anything they would like like like clothes, diamonds, jewelries, and what not.

    • Nah, dude. there are some who are poor and unemployed who depend on their women. I don't have "superior genes" and I can get a girl. just have confidence. Don't put yourself down so much man, there are plenty of people who will do that for you. The problem is finding an honest, loyal girl who isn't going to throw you in the trash when someone new comes along.