Need some new creative texting ideas?

I am tired of texting girls with the same wassup..sup...hi..wyd..what you up to? lol I'm suprised that some answer back ...what are some good texting ideas...need a new game plan here


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  • Get to know them. What did you do today? How was your weekend? Any plans this weekend? What do you usually do on Friday nights? What did you eat for dinner? Do you like video games? Do you want to go get lunch with me? Do you have any pets? -send picture of cat-.

    Don't give short answers. When they ask you what you're up to actually tell them what you're up to/ what you're doing that night, then spark a conversation off that if you can't spark one off of what they say.

    Just start the conversation with a picture of your cat. Girls like cats. Usually. Or be like Hey there cutie. If you ask them how they are and they respond with okay or something below okay, ask them why. Get them talking!

  • whats kickin? or psh.. what do I know, I never text a guy first! ...or give a guy advice what to text me first.. I don't know insult her and then tell her your kidding and call her cute or something, I d k. !


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