If she isn't my girlfriend why would she get jealous...?


So I'll make this simple by just getting right down to it... There is this co-worker who at one point I was friends with. Without getting into too much detail, you can say that we couldn't really be friends or the close friends we once were... Despite that we still talked and hung out sometimes but lately I just stopped speaking to her (again I don't want to get into it) ... Anyway, I notice she gets jealous when other woman are around me... Now before I continue, I want to make this clear I am not her type and she only likes me when she can use me for something... The reason why I suspect she gets jealous is based on her reaction which I have witnessed on several occasions... For example, she might out of no where start questioning about the woman who was all over me and my feelings about her... Or like this past Friday, we were at an "after-work" function and I didn't say two words to her and she didn't either... At the same time I am talking to different woman... Anyway long story short she leaves and a few minutes and later I get a text message from her, ranting about some co-worker... Again she could of told me this before she left... She also tells me how she was being hit on by someone as though I would care... Again it's almost like she does this to get my attention or to make sure my attention is still on her...

Anyway, now that I presented the scenario I just want other people's take as to why this girl would act jealous if she really doesn't have an interest in me...

I know it's been awhile since my original post about this topic but something recent happened between me and my co worker which again shows her behavior that just leaves me confused. Again I was having a discussion with her about creating a volleyball team and in the middle of the conversation she brings up how this guy she use to date is starting to contact her again. I just find this interesting because I never in the past expressed any jealousl when she tells me things like
I mean she is either using me or likes me in a very weird way that she can't even express it.


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  • I understand you may be confused, but coming from a girl, this woman is into you.

    She probably didn't tell you or whatever but by her actions, she wouldn't trying to get your attention if she didn't like you or had feelings towards you. A woman who really saw you as a co worker friend or whatever, wouldn't really care which girl hugged you, or she wouldn't talk to you about it.

    And as for the "after work" function, she wouldve said something right there and then, but obviously she was still thinking about it after and had to text you.

    If this keeps happening, take her aside or invite her to your place for a bit and talk to her about it, if you don't like this woman, tell her she's being clingy and it really annoys you even though you guys are friends from work despite what happened in the past.

    Hope this helps :)


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  • obviously she does have an interest in you, the reason she acts like she doesn't is probably because she doesn't want you to "think" she does... but in all honesty she DOES! its obvious, I don't think I can break it down for any more than that its pretty self explanitory, she has a crush on you and the reason she tells you that she is being hit on is because she has false hope that you as well have a crush on her .. and if she discovers that in fact you have an interest in her as well, it will be easier for her to admit that she has liked you this whole time.

    women are weird love, just to honest.

  • Simple she LIKEs u


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