If he's not interested why is he still messaging me?

I had a very casual thing going with a guy for a while (drunken sex basically!). Without warning it suddenly stopped. Fine. But sometimes he messages me still - "how was your weekend" or "how's your new job going" etc out of the blue. And when I see him out he still comes to talk to me. The other relevant info is that he is ULTRA shy - when he comes to talk to me he can hardly even look at me sometimes!

Anyway, I don't get why he is still in contact & why he still comes & talks to me & is so shy if he's not keen! It's driving me crazy!


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  • Guys still like to keep in touch so that no hard feelings develop, and also because they're comfortable with you.

    • I've chatted with my female friends about this and we feel that normally guys stop making contact so as not to give us the wrong idea! I am confused. I don't know if my aloofness drove him away and he is actually still keen but not sure how to approach it (like said he is shy), or if it's like you say he's not interested and just being nice.

    • Also, he sent me a message a few weeks ago after seeing a picture of me with a group of guys asking who they were and whether I worked with them and whether they are all gay like the stereotype (I work in theatre/dance) - this seemed a little strange...

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