So there might be this girl I like?

So there might be this girl I like? Okay, so it looks like there's this girl I like. That I actually might think has a decent chance of liking, I mean we actually connect. Still not 100% sure(Basically, I thought she was just here for the summer) if she lives in my area or in a diffrent state, that it does look like she probably does live around. I should probably ask her.

Anyway, I pretty much been going from at peace waiting for the girl. To becoming restless about wanting to be that one. Mostly I'm just trying to say that I've been at peace wait for a girl, now there is one I have a decent chance of getting. and I'm not wondering if it's problem for the future that I'm restless when there is a girl that I like.(You know, I'm talking in the future after marriage)

Though now that there's a girl I might like, It seems that the problem of what if she's not a virgin rises up again. Once I again, I can forgive girl that have done it. But there is just the awkwardness of another guy's thing having been there.(Obviouly waiting till marriage, but this still bugs me)

Also would it be a good idea to ask if I can come along, if she leaves church early to hang out with some girls?


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  • You really like her!:) go ahead and make a move dude


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