I have a girlfriend but one of my friends likes me. Help!?

I have a girlfriend, but another close friend of mine has feelings for me. I can tell it hurts her and I feel awful. She is a sweetheart, but my feelings lay with my girlfriend. I'm thinking I should try and introduce her to one of my male friends. I haven't actually confronted her yet because I think she is too proud to admit it. Have any of you been in a similar situation and what did you do?


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  • I wouldn't try to hook her up with someone that is annoying.

  • I'm in this situation!...I'm the friend though that likes you( well not you but..lol you know)

    anyways if she hasin't told you anything directly about how she feels for you I wouldn't bring it up, if she has I mean don't hook her up with someone stright up..


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