Asked a girl for coffee after hitting it off. Replies with "I'm busy and work a lot" but still took my # .

I basically hit it off really well at this cute girl at this health collective (marijuana club) I've just visited. Since it was my first time going there, she gave me a tour of the facilities ,and we ended up chatting it up for a good 15-20 minutes afterward. Our discussion quickly escalated to some of our likes/dislikes and our backgrounds (school/job/hobbies). I was born and raised in Paris,France until I was 14 years old and moved to the U.S. a few years back so she seemed very interested in that aspect (most girls are). I made sure to ask questions about herself and kept the conversation engaging throughout the entire we were talking. There wasn't one awkward/silent moment either.

Our conversation got cut short because she had to help another customer. At that point I went and sat down at one of the lounge chairs they had and watched TV/read a magazine for half an hour.

After I made sure she was finished helping customers, I decided to make my move and went to the front desk to say goodbye. She said it was great meeting me and that she'd love to see me come to one of the monthly cookouts they have at the health center -- a chef comes and bakes weed brownies on site, yum!

However, at that moment, I decided to just go for it and take my chance. I told her that I really enjoyed our conversation and if she'd like to continue it over a cup of coffee. Initially, she seemed quite shocked that I asked her this question (I didn't think she was expecting me to be so forthcoming); she looked like she was completely side-swiped.

She then said the typical: "I'm really busy and work long hours..." To which I replied: "Oh in that case, no problem, I'll then catch.." She then cut me mid-sentence and said: "No, actually it's fine. Just give me your number. I know you must work pretty insane hours since you work at a start-up anyways (I'm a software developer located in the Bay Area, CA). I wrote down my phone number, she took it but I didn't ask for hers back because I felt she was asking for mine in pity. I told her that whenever she got time in during lunch or an evening after work would be totally fine to which she replied: "Sure, I think I'll definitely be able to make some time to meet up."

Question: I'm 99% she's not going to call. Has anybody experienced a similar situation in which the girl did end up calling?

All in all, I don't care that much if she doesn't call me -- which I'm 99% sure she won't. I'm actually quite happy that I threw myself out there and got rejected. It was a good confidence booster.


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  • yeah she probably isn't too interested sorry.


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  • She was into you.

    1.) She said it was great meeting me and that she'd love to see me come to one of the monthly cookouts.

    2.) You then OVER pursued her by "taking a coffe", when she already told you she would love to see you again.

    3.) She then tested you by sayin she is busy and works alot.

    4.) You did pass the test by not showing traits of being to needy.

    5.) She took your number just in case she feels you are something for her.

    6.) Your best move right now is NOT to go to the monthly-cookouts til she text you.

    7.) Don't f*** things up by over pursuing when she was doing all the work for you.

    8.) You never get rejected unless you reject your self ;)