Help ! Guy friend just did this...

I met my guy friend for lunch today. Have known him for a long time.

When he saw me, he place his lips at the base of my neck instead of kissing my cheek as he normally does!

Then when we said goodbye, he hug me and place hs lips on the base of my neck again, and it felt good so I leaned into him. So we stood there, his arms on my back and lips on my neck for a while.

I couldn't look him in the eyes after that! We made small talk for a few seconds and I walked away, a bit shocked!

What on earth did he do that for ?


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  • I'd say that single embrace practically screamed that he likes you.


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  • You're bashfulness is cute. =D Yes, he obviously likes you...

  • he obviously likes you or he's probably playing hard to get so talk with him more, go someplace with him just hang out more with him


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  • he's horny

    • oh. I meant that as mhmm-yes, I agree.

      not like 'yummy or anything. yeah I agree, he's just being horny.

      i mean no one puts their lips on your neck, to say they 'care'.

    • hahah right(;

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