Should I still bother with this guy?

There is this guy I have been dating for about a month.

However I have not seen him in 2 weeks due to work, him having a Virus and moving. His move date even got put back a few days because he has been sick.

He tells me in advance over texts what is going on and has sent me texts to re assure me every couple of days that he is still interested.

After his move how do I hint without seeming needy that I miss hanging out with him and want to spend more time with him?

We both live in the City and work full time. I had dated a guy before him that had the same problem but he never sent texts or made any effort to come see me before hand.

I mainly chased the last guy (that ended because he was still not over his ex, the break up had nothing to do with me) but learnt not to do that and if a guy is truly interested he will prove it to you.

After that. With this new guy has been the one initiating pretty much all texts and phone calls trying to get to know me and reassuring me that he wants to catch up as soon as he gets better. Regardless.


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  • just my opinion, but maybe he has someone else he is seeing as well? Maybe he is seeing them but he likes you too and can't decide and he doesn't want to lose you

    • I ended up sending a text that I missed hanging out with him and he was like miss your company as well and that he is keen to kiss my beautiful lips. LoL.. Have thought that but for like a week all he has been moaning about not feeling well and how he had to change his move date from the weekend to mid week because of it. Other guys would not even bother mentioning that and just ignore you. Most of last night he was sending me flirty texts as well and this was a Saturday night.

    • I will get more of an idea when after he moves into his new place. Are there any other signs that I should look out for if he is dating others?

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  • Just tell him you miss him. It's not like you are giving away your credit number.

    • I will. I kept myself bust on the weekend and went back to where I grew up which is about an hour and a half away from the City. I just got a message asking if I got back OK. :).

  • I don't think it would sound needy at all just because of the time you've spent away from him, it's only natural for you to want to see each other.


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  • You should just tell him that you miss seeing him, you understand the situation but you're really looking forward to seeing him when the chaos dies down. I would tell him one time and then let him make the effort to make plans or see you. That way you know he's been genuine this whole time. Good luck