How to stop unwanted texting/email w/o being rude?

So I always answer an email/text as soon as possible, and I have always considered it rude not to answer a message, but there's someone who lied to me and still expects responses to his texts/VMs. I want to cut him off and yet feel it's incredibly rude. I told him yesterday that I can't be around liars and thought that was the end of it, but today he's still texting. I haven't answered.

Your thoughts?

  • Just ignore him. It's not rude in this case.
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  • Always try to answer a txt/VM. It's rude not to.
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  • After reading your description, I feel like we are the same person! ha ha I feel the exact same way about texts, texting back and feeling bad when not responding.

    I was actually in a similar situation when a friend and I got into a little fight. He continued to text me, call me and want to grab lunch here and there but I had no interest in hanging out with him. My responses were always short and to the point or I simply did not answer at all. (And I'm the type that ALWAYS responds to texts, unless I am mad at the person)

    Idk what your situation is specifically. Did he lie about something major? Enough to end the friendship? If you do not want to continue the friendship and see no hope of rekindling it, just ignore him altogether. Hopefully he will get the idea. (with my friend it took a while lol)

    Or just tell him you are very upset with him over him lying and that you need some space from him. Tell him you don't want to talk to him right now but maybe in the future if your feelings change you can contact him. It's hard to tell when I don't know how serious the lie was. :/ Good luck though.

    Simplest thing to do is to ignore altogether--- especially if you will never have to see him in person (ex: work).

    • I had just started seeing him. Two weeks of communication until our schedules lined up for an actual date, two weeks of watching him write about very basic things in ver vague terms. I felt something was up and asked a friend about it. I was told it's possibly just nerves since I don't date too frequently, but really my instinct was right. Yes, he lied about his job, his living arrangements, and Lord only knows what else.

      I just got out of a long marriage w a liar. I don't want that in my life.

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    • and why worry about being rude by not answering his texts? He lied to you multiple times, he doesn't deserve the respect you are willing to give him. Cut all ties

    • Lol. Thanks. Luckily, I only went out with him once. It was a good evening, but you know when there's something nagging at you? The whole thing came out the next morning. I guess I was just really lucky. I need to figure out some preliminary red flags so I don't keep going through this over and over again.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Just freaking tell him bluntly and rationally you don't want to talk anymore. It's not being rude to be honest as long as you don't use any rude things. But, to just up and ignore? I dunno, that's rude.

    You told him you don't want to be around liars ya? But did you specifically say you don't want to talk to him anymore? Because often liars will convince themselves they aren't liars and so he'll think "oh I'm fine" or something. You gotta be blunt with guys, women.

    • So I text him separately to remind him that he's a liar ergo I won't speak to him? (That sounds redundant since I told him I don't date liars, but I'll try it since he's been texting all day.)

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    • YIKES, Leto, he's STILL TEXTING! What the heck!? I'm not answering. He was supposed to be blocked. I'm going complaining to the phone company.

    • Well.. he's really dumb.I guess best thing to do is talk to the phone company :\

  • Just be blunt and be like I don't want you to message me a anymore, because you are nothering me.

    • "You are nothing to me" is too rude. What else've you got?

    • sorry I meant to say bothering lmao

    • Aha. Yes, much better, lol. The thing is, I sent my message to him -- I even blocked him, actually, and he bipassed it. No idea how else to shake him off.

  • You're doing just fine, ignore them.

    • Yes, this was my inclination in this case, but read the entry above yours. What do you think?

What Girls Said 4

  • block his number, that way he won't use up your text messages with texts you do not want or plan on answering.

    • Ooh. Yes, that is a good idea...I don't have an unlimited plan.

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    • that's weird. maybe he is texting from a different number.

    • Nope; it's the one I have on my contacts list. It's a little freaky.

  • Someone that has lied to you does not deserve your attention. Don't waste your time on them :)

  • He has been lying to you ? Do exactly the same !

    "I'm sorry, but you must have gotten the wrong number.."

    "Can you please stop texting me, my boyfriend is so jealous !"

    "Shut up.."

  • it's rude to ignore for no reason but if the person is bothering you it's your prerogative and best interest not to answer.

    • Got it. I did answer yesterday, but he's persisting today...