He may be way out of my league, but will it blend?

I joined a dating site out of curiosity not really expecting to find anything when lo and behold this awesome guy shows up as one of my matches. He messaged me first as I felt I wasn't worthy after reading his profile but I rated him anyway. Turns out we have A LOT in common and hit it off right away. We've been Skyping for about a week and a half and all our conversations take anything from 2 to three hours, almost daily. So anyway, I've been finding myself thinking about him more and more and he's told me the same thing. Though, I'm not even sure what he wants out of it.

One thing I haven't told him and what's causing me to hold back most of all is how I feel he's way out of my league educationally wise. We're the same age and he's already headed towards a Bachelors while I haven't even so much as stepped into a community college. In fact, his entire family have gone above and beyond as far as education goes. He knows this though but he doesn't seem bothered by it. Or hasn't mentioned it at least.

Anyways, I'm trying not to get way ahead of myself but now I wonder "Am I even right for him?". He's a really good person, intelligent, and attractive (IMO). I'm not stupid or anything and I am in the process of "bettering myself", and I know I'm not fugly lol. So the question is, could this work? Has anyone been in a similar situation and had it work out in the end? I'm afraid he'll realize how much of a sad case I really am and just drop me as a friend/potential g/f/whatever.


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  • Yeah, it could work. Just be confident and be yourself. He seems to like you for who you are and all. If he didn't see you as potential girlfriend then he wouldn't spend all that time talking to you. Good thing the dating site worked out for you haha.

    • Thanks, I never thought of it that way. Didn't think they would but it did. Maybe I'm just lucky xP

    • Lol it's not luck. It's really easy for women to be successful on dating sites as compared to men.

    • I've heard of a few men getting lucky on dating sites but only because their intentions weren't for anything long-term. You could be right though. I wouldn't know anyways, I'm not a guy and this is the first time I've ever joined one.

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  • Look, if he is spending time with you talking to you, he doesn't consider you out of his league. Worrying about it will send him the wrong signals and could kill the relationship. Go with the flow, be upfront and honest with him, and see where it goes.

    • I did ask him if it bothered him from the get go...thanks, I need to stop overthinking it then.

    • hehe it's hard to do, I've been there myself.

  • Yeah, it could work just because those things are but minor details in compatibility.

    • What do guys look for most when it comes to compatibility?

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  • of course it can. honestly guys don't care as much about education level as girls do, it seems that more girls have an issue dating a less educated guy than vice versa

    • I've noticed. Its funny cos anyone, even at the highest level of education, can be a complete moron lol. Thank you for your response :)