Should I start dating girls I'm not interested in?

I'm picky, at least that is my conclusion. I'd like to think I'm not, but clearly somethings up because I haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years. I don't care for hair color or race, but I do want three things that don't combine easily: smart, pretty, sweet. I don't have much game but I went on dates with some really cute girls who didn't like me in the end but still they could have said no beforehand right? So there is still a slim chance that I actually could end up with a girl of my likings. Now, I know of some women especially that are very happy and in love with a man that they "normally wouldn't go for" and "didn't like when first met him". Should I start dating girls I don't really like (yet)? I'm pretty much an idiot good guy that feels bad for the girls so I haven't done that yet. Does anyone have any experience starting dating people they didn't care for (at first)? Would it be wise to do so and is it moral you reckon? It's pretty unromantic huh?


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  • Yes, you should.

    Not girls that you are totally repulsed by, but open yourself up to more girls that you think, "Oh, she's OK, but not as good as (hot chicks you had a huge crush on)."

    Yes, I did this and it opened up my dating life tremendously. Sometimes, especially after a hard crush (or a series of them), we find that our viewpoint is tainted with an idealized image of that other person or people. So, if you recognize some of the characteristics you like in them, but aren't quite blown away, give it a shot.

    My personal experience:

    I'm dating a guy who wasn't my normal type and I'm still not quite as attracted to him in some ways as I was past romantic interests, but MUCH more interested and attracted to in other, new ways. For instance, he doesn't make me laugh as much as other guys I've dated, but he is much more open and sincere than funny guys I used to date. I don't mind trading witty banter with friends at work instead of my partner, etc. As a witty person myself, I realized that this funny banter that I was so drawn to was just a way for me to avoid being open and vulnerable by avoiding serious discuss with jokes ... My boyfriend has really let me be open and honest about myself in a way that is new to me and the comfort is attractive in a way I wouldn't have imagined just pondering to myself about the relationship.


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