I have told him so many times that if his feelings have changed towards me that he needs to tell me!

Bare with me because this is going to be long (really sorry) but I need to try to explain everything. So I started dating my first boyfriend in late oct. 2011. We made it exclusive and official in Jan. Everything was great. It was convenient because he only lived down the hall from me. Anyway, we got pretty seriously and kinda fast. We would hangout whenever we could, but only kept it to a few hours a day due to studying,classes, etc. He hit me with serious news when he told me he got an internship 4 hours away from me starting June 2012-basically December of this year (so 6 months). I was so upset. This meant we had to do LDR. We both agreed that when he found out in April that we would stay together. Then Starting in May about a month before he was suppose to leave everything started changing. He wouldn't text me "goodnight baby" like he always he did, we hangout less, and he got a "rash" which prevented us from having sex for a good 2 or 3 weeks. Besides getting in petty arguments he still showed me he cared. We had the "talk" about whether to not to break up before he left. I cried, I told him how I felt, and he was still holding a grudge for me not going home with him one weekend to meet his family (I couldn't I had to work) we talked everything out and decided to stay together.

One thing that always bothered me were that he never wanted to make it official on Facebook so we agreed to deactivate our face books which I was fine with, but my friends would tell me that he reactivated his and it made me upset. On twitter he would constantly tweet me, but ever since May he hasn't.

2 days ago, He unfollowed me on twitter because I took a picture of myself and my friend in a guys fitted. Who cares? anyway he got pissed and we were both drunk and got into an argument. he basically told me to go f*** the guy and I told him that he doesn't care about me blah blah. I text him again asking if we should break up. NO ANSWER. He usually does this a lot. I know he doesn't like texting, but he won't answer a phone call, and never Skypes me.

A week ago he came to see me for the night. it was perfect, we went to dinner and then had sex. When were together everything is good, but when were apart his communication dwindles and I feel alone.

I'm so confused as to how he's feeling and I have told him so many times that if his feelings have changed towards me that he needs to tell me so we can move on from this. I feel like I need closure, but he won't talk to me.

How someone goes from being completely in love with you to not talking to you is beyond me. I feel so distant from him and It hurts. Does anyone have any helpful advice for me? I'm so upset and depressed. I refuse to text him because I'm tired of looking desperate.


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  • The whole thing is kinda ridiculous, don't take it the wrong way, but of he REALLY, loved u, he would answer every text, every phone call, INSTANTLY.

    I'm never worried about what my Girlfriend does, she's OK with me having girl-friends, and I'm OK with her having boy-friends.

    And for him not trusting you just because of a picture is just not okay.

    When you guys are together, you have sex as much as possible, right?

    If you chose not to have sex with him, and watched his reaction, it would maybe be clear to you what to do.

    Remember, If it was meant to be, it would've happened.

    If he's not the right guy, there's millions of other men that is waiting to be a great Boyfriend for a great Girlfriend like u.

    Never take love for granted, love is never supposed to be hurting you or other people surrounding u, if he haven't "added" you as GF, on FB he might be embarrassed to be your BF, remember to talk to him, before you do anything stupid that you'll regret.

    Me and my Girlfriend has been together for 4 years and we have never argued, and if we do it's just like "You forgot to take out the trash" or stuff like that.

    If you ever doubting if you should be with him, you should end it, because if you are in doubt it means that you've lost some love for him.

    Hope this has helped.

    Wish you the best of luck in your future :)


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  • Wow... I hate to even speculate on what's going on.. There could be a few reasons why he is acting that way. But, if you start to believe the worse and it's not... Oh boy.. His communications skill's suck, and that alone might be what finally kills this relationship. He really needs to be open & truthful with you and stop the kiddie games. Life is short & there is only one. Don't waist it on someone who is playing you.

  • That's pretty immature on many levels. I don't like that when people are upset, instead of communicating they shut the others out.


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