Hanging with Smokey Joe?

Does your boyfriend have a three foot bong on his coffee table? Or sneak tokes in a closet and exhale through a paper towel roll filled with dryer sheets?

Is there a strange bottle of one hour detox in his glove box?

In essence, does your man get high on weed?

And do you think you'll hang around?

Or would you even date him if you found out?

  • I never inhaled and/or I don't care if he gets high.
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  • Reefer madness is horrible and undermining the American Way of Life.
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  • I don't mind a guy who gets high sometimes for fun ... but a guy who is high all day gets pretty boring. Stoned people are only amusing to other people who are stoned...same with drunks (I wouldn't want to date a guy who was drunk every day, either.)


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  • I did date a guy who smoked. He was in a gang. He was an okay guy. The relationship didn't last long though. = (

    I never smoke, it bothers me if my significant other does. They change in a short amount of time.

    It could make him aggressive, it could make him do something he wouldn't normally do.

    Sometimes I didn't know what it would do to him, I worried a lot about "What would he do if he got caught."

    It's a turn off for sure, for me!

  • I dated a guy for 3 years. In the beginning of our relationship, we both smoked weed pretty much everyday. On about the 2nd year, I stopped smoking weed and it pretty much went downhill from there.

    I would get bored and frustrated because all he ever wanted to do was smoke weed all day. It would turn into an argument if I would ask him not to smoke weed for one day so we could do something else. We finally broke up. Not solely based on that, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • dude your poll does not include being 420 friendly.

    seriously tho there are some people who I think should be smoking rather than drinkin based on their behavior. in fact it should be mandatory for some folk lol just kidding... I hope.

    to each their own and if anybody has to sneak around just to have a smoke or a drink or whatever for that matter than that's just not right. and is more of a betrayal to who we really are as ourselves. stay true and stay real. peace

    • Yeah, it's a real DNA thing, I think. Some can smoke and deal, some smoke to deal, and for some smokings just not a good deal.

      As long as they're functional, I've no prob with 420 friends. Just don't ask me to smoke more than one little puff at a time. Unless you want 4 hours of antic conversation.

    • well that's all cool and I totally agree with you on whether people can handle it or not. just like so many other things in life right? :o) and yeah I'm pretty 420 friendly myself and as long as people use it (like anything else ie. booze, food, etc) in a responsible way than to each their own. who am I to judge right? we all know when we're lying to others and more importantly to ourselves :o)

      i know what you mean about the 4hr convo thing lol its all good and a very good question.

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