We hooked up but no answer - help!!!!

So I went to my moms boyfriends family party so then I saw this guy and I thought he was cute but then we started to talk and like one hour into the party I asked for his phone and input my number in and then I showed him and he asked if that was mine and I said yes but I couldn't get mine cause I left it at home charging cause I died so the party went on and we went to a room with him and his cousin and his little bro and we had a bear and what not but then when the cousin went to go get a drink and the brother was watching TV he did that thing where he looks at me and then he looks at my lips for a while and then he leaned and when he leaned I leaned butt then the cousin came in after a while so we went to the kitchen and started making out again but then we stopped every once and a while cause adults would come and get a drink but then adults can and stayed in there so we left and stopped for the rest of the party but then we would talk and sit on the couch together with a blanket over us and hold hands under it but when someone would come near I would put my hands above the blanket and then he would rub my leaf an vice versa and then I got really tired so I was like in so tired and he would come close and say them go to bed but I couldn't cause I wanted to stay awake and then he would e so nice and hold my hand and stuff but then I eventually went home but I said goodbye to everyone and I said goodbye to him last and I gave him a hug band he told me that he would text me later so but he hasn't and his parents did find out he drank but I don't know if he got in trouble or anything but the cousin is following me on instagram so I asked her for hers and his number and me and her were OK and we would talk throughout the party but she didn't answer me and they knew she drank to but I don't know I they got in trouble or not but I am kinda upset and sad sp I don't know know what this means or what to do helppppppp!

He would rub my leg and then the other mistake I made is thathe got my number but I couldn't get his number cause my phone was at home charging


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  • Try to get his number somehow, it seems he was pretty into you.

    • Wouldn't he have texted me by know if he was ?

    • Now**

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  • I didn't read the entire article you posted because it was to "wordy", but my advice to you is: Try to make amends with your father and maybe your brother will forgive you.

    • Maybe you can read the whole thing cause that made no sense please help

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  • Ask your moms boyfriend who it was and to have another party or something.

    • It was a birthday party and I went to there house for Christmas but he wasn't here so he obviously wouldn't come to a random party

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    • It was his cousin that invited everyone over including my moms boyfriend

    • Then ask the cousin.