Do guys even feel deep passion and emotion when they are with a girl?

A lot of times when I'm with my boyfriend, we'll share some really great passionate, romantic, and magical moments together.

But he never says anything during them. So I don't know if he's actually feeling the same way I am during those times.

Is he just feeling them inside and not expressing them? Or does he not feel them and it's because he's not in love yet? He hasn't said "i love you yet' granted it's only been a couple months.

A lot of times he just lays there and doesn't do anything. Like for example in the bath, or cuddling on the bed.


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  • He's probably not feeling the same way you are. Guys often don't, in my opinion. He's feeling something else, something different, and because it's different he doesn't feel the need to share it. Because it's a minefield, and can lead to arguments and the end of those good feelings, faster than anything.

    I first had this happen to me years ago. I was living with a girl and one evening after I cooked us dinner, I pulled two chairs out into the back garden, and pulled some vodka from the freezer, and we sat in the garden getting tipsy watching the sun go down.

    You could call it a romantic moment, or a magical moment. But how we both felt at that moment was very different. Sure, on the surface level, happy. Whatever. But I was looking at the sun going down, thinking - these are the moments I want to remember when I'm old, if I live to be old. How many sunsets we let go by in a blur, as our days fly by unremembered. We need to take more time, to create worthwhile memories like this - sitting with a beautiful girl, on a summer evening, no sounds of traffic, after a good meal. All is right with the world.

    And when I tried to explain to her what I was thinking/feeling, she got very upset.

    Can you guess why? Maybe you can, because you're a girl. But it blew my mind, I'll tell you. I didn't think I had done or thought anything wrong.

    She said that all my pleasant and good thoughts, had nothing to do with her. They could have been with any old girl. I wasn't thinking about her, or how happy she made me.

    Basically, she got pissy because she wasn't the focus of my happiness, and because she thought she was merely tangential to it.

    I learned that day, that in future, when a girl wants to know what I'm thinking... lie or keep quiet.


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  • he could just be feeling them inside


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