Dating Advice: Is he playing me?

I asked him why he kissed me & he said "hormones" what does that mean & does he like me now? help.

last night I went to my best friends (robert) house with my other friend (joey). we were all hanging out outside then my friend joey had to go home. I told robert I needed to go home too. my car key had locked & I couldn't turn it, I asked him to help me. he fixed it & he hugged me awkwardly & pop kissed me. I was shocked.. then he kissed me again. I tolf him I had to leave then before I left he kissed me one more time. he also texted me when I got home & called me a tease? I'm so confused, I had a huge crush on him a couple of months back & he didn't feel the same way. about a month ago I dated his close friend after we broke up robert started getting closer to me.


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  • He likes you

    Talk to him and iron this out

    That is if you also like him


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  • Welp, that ones pretty tough, he could be into and realized that he wanted you after you broke up with his close friend. But then again, he could be playing pass the girl with you. If his answer was just hormones, then yeah, he's totally playing with you and wants to get laid. Don't fall for it, if anything, make him fall for you. If he wants a tease, then that's exactly what he should get right?