When a guy still texts when he can't see you is he still legitimately interested?

I have not seen this guy I have been dating for like two weeks because he has been in the middle of moving house and gotten sick with the Flu.

During then every couple of days he sends texts telling me about his day and how he is trying to get better while in the middle of moving without me having to ask him, asking about my day, telling me to have fun with my friends when I am out with them and to be safe on a night out, Asking me if I got back okay after going out of town.

Him saying he misses my company as well after I told him I missed hanging out with him and that we will see each other some time this week now cause he is moving mid week and is feeling a lot better now. Still flirts with me in between also.

Does this sound like someone who is still legitimately interested in me? I really like him but not sure where I stand with him. I get the feeling he feels the same.

Like some of the things he texts he did not have to do that. He also had initiated every text since.


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  • He showing a sure level of Interest. Strong probability he even likes you. why don't you fix a meetup ? :)

    • He has told me that he likes me and that he is into me. We have gone out on dates and hung out in person. We have just had a bit of a break because he is busy with moving house and has been sick. But says that afterward we will catch up and has been looking forward to it also. I make sure I always reciprocate his texts cause I feel the same way. Just would love to spend more time with him though. Is there anyway to bring that up without coming across as needy and scaring the guy off?

    • how about suprising him..mayb a call or a message from ya part.remba th key is patient and giving him air to breathe..too much is clingy and too less will sign you out as too hard 2 get and non intrested...

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  • yes you are on his mind it's good

    • He has been on my mind as well. :). It is just hard recently. We have had to have a bit of a break because he is moving house and has been sick. Hopefully things get back on track after he moves into the new place.

      But have been getting texts regularly every couple of days where he lets me know what is going on and asks me about my day and stuff which he always initiates.