Hooked up and broke up?

I finally hooked up with this guy I liked and had been texting me back and forth for months. He'd been so doting and complimentary and practically confessing his love for me on the first date. So we met up again and got a room, we didn't have sex but did everything else. Anyway I had to leave to go home to the north where I live where as he lives in the south. We continued to text although a lot less. Then he suddenly stopped and hasn't replied since. I don't know what to think...


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  • Several possibilities:

    1) He is a complete A-hole only out for the conquest. But then of course a persistent one.

    2) He is dead or injured

    3) He is out with the guys back home shooting 'gators and drinking moonshine

    4) He is helping his father build shelters for the homeless, raise money for africa, do voluntary work at the lepracy hospital. Working 23 hours a day and have no time for texting.

    5) He forgot his cell phone charger and the phone is out of juice.


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  • I'd go with the first - complete a**hole. If a guy likes you, he'll always find a way to get in touch.

    Since when has the texting stopped? If its only been a couple of days, something might have happened and he'll be back in a bit. Has it stopped for a couple of weeks though, you better smile like crazy cause this dude won't mess with your heart and head any longer!

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