Okay, so there is this guy.....

Once I met two of his friends, and they didn't know me, so I presented myself;

'Hey I'm Jenny Petersen,'

and the one guy is like; 'Oh, look it's James' girlfriend!'

then it was SF. A festival that we have in our country.

- Me and some friends are chillin' and then there comes a girl over like! 'HEY! are you the girl that James likes?' and I'm like...surprised and I don't say anything. Then she's like, whey, wrong person!

But often, some of his friends face rape him it's always like something...'Jenny I love you.' And 'he' has sent me requests on fb to his girlfriend...

- I mean what does this mean? Does he like me?

I actually never talked to this kid, so I don't think he has reasons to like me...but all this with his friends seems strange to me...

...i chose random names, btw.

Well, the exact reason why, I think it's weird that he may like me, is because, he's like a snob, kinda bitchy popular guy...

...and I'm not popular, or in perfect shape. I am a little overweight, but I'm trying to get rid off it.

..but that's why I don't see, why he has a reason to like me, because there are so many others girls!

...or is it possible, that they're just 'using' me to make me fall in love with him?


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  • Maybe they are just teasing you or maybe he does actually like you, I guess there's no way to find out unless you actually speak to the guy, you don't need to explain how you look, I'm sure you look fine and that what's makes people unique and special :)


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  • yeah I think he probably told his friends that he likes you and now they are fooling around with him and you a little bit by teasing the pair of you

  • He thinks you are pretty, and his friends found out. Now they are screwing with him about it by letting you that he is interested in you.

    • hahaha, that's so cute!

      - thanks for the answer! :)

    • You're welcome :)

    • Well, you can never put anything past people, I suppose. There's a chance that they are messing with him and you.

      However, most of the time when this stuff happens, it's because the guys likes you. And don't sell yourself short. You don't have to be popular to be beautiful, and you can be overweight and still look stunning. Besides, we are all different and have different tastes, so It is very possible that he could be genuinely attracted.

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