Anyone got back with an ex officially when you both have new partners?

has anyone split up got new partners then both left there new partners for their ex to be together again.

tell me your stories


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  • If that'd happen, I feel sorry for those two who were basically the rebounds.

  • Can't say that I have. Once an ex, always an ex.


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  • mmm I thought I didn't but I did. lol. He was sad about it. I felt really bad about it. BUT! I told him that I couldn't stay with him because we were only breaking up to get some space and whatever and he so he knew that we weren't going to be together for very long but he agreed. He was a sweetheart about it.

    • So question, why would you date him at all?

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    • sounds like she still might have had some feelings left

    • who? lo0l

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