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Letter of goodbye to an ex, can I send this to him?

Dear XXX,

I know this is selfish but I think it would be more selfish if I do not let you know how I feel, aside from that I guess I wrote this to make me feel good, to just finish everything, to not have any regrets when I look back at my past, or I know that this will help me be a better person.

However,I don't know how to make a start to this letter, but here it goes…

I hope you meet that someone who will change your mind on your decision of not wanting to marry at all.

If I was not a good reason for you to get married and create a family with.

I hope you meet that special woman in your life to feel like getting married and creating a great family with her.

I will be OK.

I know in my heart that you are a good person and all I have to do is to accept the fact, that I guess you are a part of my life, and a big part of finding my real self but not anything more than that.

To this, I am thankful.

(I am gathering my thoughts so maybe when I don't meet you on my birthday this year, I can send you my last letter of goodbye.)

I am wanting to say good bye to you personally and to fix things with you properly, but if that time doesn't come, I am taking this opportunity(, I am writing this letter to express my emotions and gratitude of you coming into my life last year.)

If I didn't meet you on my birthday, I guess I would still be that crazy girl that has no directions at all in life.

I know that you are one in a million kind of guy, but as for me, I think I am that kind of once in a lifetime girl.

I know my worth, but I think that you really deserve someone better than I am.

I guess, someone not as lost as I am when you met me.

I am thankful that you helped me find my way to know myself more, to get back to my real me, to fulfill my dreams, you helped me realize a very important thing, that life is about meeting people and treasuring them at that moment when they come into your life.

When you came into my life, I'm so glad I did my best to be part your great memory. (I guess)

I love you with all my heart and it won't fade away just like that.

At that time, It was hard to move on because distance was the only reason that's keeping us apart.

We actually didn't have any issues back then, or It started with just a petty stupid status of mine.

And I guess, even though if I didn't not put up that status, we will eventually break up, because it's meant and that we should break up.

I must admit that we are growing apart, physically and emotionally.

Months have passed, and things have been constantly changing.

I am letting you go, because I needed it for myself too.

I must let you know that letting you go is very hard for me.

I can't describe it and compare it with any thing, as much as I want to.

But it isn't the end of the world, it's a start of a new beginning.

Time flies and my 2011 would not be that great if I haven't met you.

All I am saying is you're the one who made me feel like I am worth it.

But I need to constantly rem
Letter of goodbye to an ex, can I send this to him?
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