What should I do with him?

I've been dating this guy for about 5 months everything was going great...UNTIL!...this Facebook bull...he cooks me breakfast, washes my car, rubs my feet after along day at work, bring me lunch at work sometimes... etc...the whole 9...but every time I turn around there's girls in his inbox and there talking and he's asking for a girl number...so I dumped him..it was kind of hard because he's so sweet but he has a fb problem...I'm kind of sad about it...I really like him I just wish he wasn't doing that...should I leave him alone or make him think about what he's doing...and Guys why is he doing this..I think because he's 19 and I'm 24 he's not ready and I should just let him live his life


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  • You are right, he is still very young and needs to get dating out of his system before he can settle down. I don't judge the age difference, I was 19 when I got marred to my ex wife who was 23. I did say ex wife, we were married for 13 years but when I was 20 to 22 I messed around on her because I obviously wasn't ready to settle down yet. I loved her deeply and hated myself for how I hurt her, I tried for years to make up for my mistakes from my youth but in the end it changed our relationship too much to recover. She lost all respect for me and stopped trying to do anything for me and help out with my needs. I spent 8 years killing myself to make her happy, I tried to be the best husband in the world and did everything a woman could ever dream of, but in the end too much damage was done and we divorced on good terms. We are still friends and the love is still there but we both know that what happened can never be repaired.


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  • You broke up with him because he got a girl's number?

    And you don't think you overreacted?

    Even he was waiting on you hand and foot?

    • I overreacted alittle Pebyron I don't know what else to do. I just don't understand why he reply back to these girls. Your a guy what do you think. Do all men cheat and think its okay because your number one and the other girls are sidelines.

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    • yea he does treat me like a queen, but I want him to know that's not okay.

    • So what's the problem?

      I bet he'd wipe your ass if you asked

      Don't get so worked up over a phone number

      Especially when your presence in his mind is all-consuming

      Better get back with him quick before he finds someone who appreciates him

  • Haha wow you were really controlling him huh

    Maybe he was just tired of doing all that stuff.


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  • I would cut him loose he just is looking for a good time. Unless you like the feeling you get every time you see that on his fb I would just let him be. I find too many guys do shady stuff on fb and he will probably keep doing it.


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