Why has this girl stopped talking and texting me?

Well me and her have known each other for about 2 years now and for around one and bit years of that I have liked her, and every now and again she says she missed me or that she thinks she likes me, but she never says it to my face so by the time I have worked out that she liked me, its too late. But anyway, just few weeks ago she was asking me loads of questions and she said she thinks ill be good boyfriend, so I kept texting and talking to her and it was going well, but now she keeps ignoring my texts and whenever we see each other in band, she keeps going up to talk to other people, its left me really confused, why is she doing it?


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  • This girl doesn't know what she wants and is being indecisive. However, at 16, its hard to know what you want.

    I would just move on, there are plenty of other girls who won't be so indecisive.


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