My boyfriend calls his ex girlfriend & he deletes 'best friends' texts?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 months. a couple weeks ago , me and him got into an argument about his so called 'best friend' . he USED to like her ... but he tells me she doesn't like him in that kind of way. but I was kinda snooping around on his Facebook and I read things between her and him from a long time ago. while he had a girlfriend back then, he would message her and tell her she's still HIS number 1. I don't know if I should be worried about him talking to her. I trust him, I really do. but when it comes to things like this..i just over think. I've heard it all before, 'shes just a best friend' she's just a 'close friend' .. next thing you know they get with them . he told me before that he would stop talking to her. and I said okay whatever. but he never did stop. and a couple days ago he tells me they were texting about something and I checked his phone I don't see any texts from her..i asked him why isn't there any texts here ? and he tells me that he deletes texts all the time. 0__o that's when I started worrying. why is he hiding this from me ? and about this ex...i don't think it is EVER okay to talk to an ex. if you still are talking to an ex its obvious you still have feelings for them...i don't know what to do! please help. I told him I needed to talk to him whenever he gets off work.


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  • I didn't read that huge wall of text but the title alone is enough to know something fishy is going on. Dump him.


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  • Well there's always the possibility that he's just trying to remain friends, but I'm not sure why he felt he needed to get rid of the evidence per se.


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  • First of all, NYUH. No snooping. If you can't trust him, you can't trust him. You don't belong in a relationship.

    Secondly, the way SHE feels about him means nothing. It's all about HIM and HIS actions. How does HE feel about HER? Would he ever cheat on you?

    If you answered yes to that last question, this relationship cannot work out - regardless of facts. You don't trust him.

    Don't claim you trust him. You clearly don't. Either you deserve better than a cheater, or he deserves a girl who trusts him. Either way, it's over.


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