Would a guy not talk to a girl when he actually liked her? And why?

Just wondering Because I think he likes me but for some reason would not start a conversation whatsoever!


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  • Yeah, maybe it's because he's shy that he won't talk to her.


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  • Being a shy guy myself, it is indicative of shyness if in fact he does like you.

    The reason being:

    Some shy guys fear rejection.

    Some fear making a bad impression (me)

    Some don't want to seem desperate. (Me again)

    Some are clueless as to if you are even interested, and fear a wasted effort.

    There are a lot of factors that causes a shy guy to not talk to a woman.

    • Since you're a shy guy how would you feel if a girl , let's say, started a chat with you every couple of days on Facebook? Would you think of her as clingy and take her for granted?

    • Depends. I have a couple of acquaintances like that. Every so often, they chat with me on Facebook. They like to just pop up and chat even if it is bad timing. I don't consider it clingy myself, but each guy is different. Even there is a difference amongst us shy guys. It is all circumstantial. I welcome their conversation only because I get bored easily. However, I have no intent upon dating any of them, because I have no attraction to them. So, I don't have a problem talking to them.

  • He might prefer being single or is deep in thought.

  • Yes, he might be too shy, I'm very shy as well with the people I like. How much have you guys talked, might take a while for him to get comfortable.

    • Yeah but the 1st time we met (last year) he used to talk to me a lot. I'm afraid I wasn't paying him too much attention back then, but I wouldn't assume he liked me that much to feel sort of rejected or something.

    • Maybe you weren't giving him enough signs and he thought you just thought of him as a friend?

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  • he is probably nervous and runs out of things to say when he is with you. Happens to me around my crush, but I can talk to other guys no problem at all.

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    • Do you suggest I should go on and say Hi? I've done that a few days ago and expected him to do the same on the next day or so but he never did, he was super nice to me though, and he did his best to keep it going.

    • Yes absolutely! Go say hi and start up a conversation. Anything to get it moving.

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