Is she interested or do I still have no clue?

my girlfriend whom I have maybe spent 11 days with due to work and finances in the past 8 months and I were out at a friends place the other night at her house and friend of hers was there and for the past 2-3 years I think she has been giving me signs that she is interested. ie: a couple years back grinding me and trying to get me to dance (I don't dance ever) again at a wedding about a year ago she did the same thing and when ever we meet up we talk a lot, and she unlike most girls seems interested in what I have to say. also the other night we were sitting on a beach with the same group from the house party and I mentioned that I had never even set foot on white sand or in the ocean and immediately she pulled me up and dragged me down to the water where we talked for about a half hour knee deep in the ocean (we had talked most of the night as my girlfriend was talking to other peops all night) and then when we left she gave me a really low and tight hug and said "i hope to see you again really soon"

anyways I have had a crush on her for almost 3 years and given that my girlfriend of 7 years and her are friends regardless of the fact that we have been drifting apart I am not sure what to do.

maybe I am crazy or maybe I need to change things up. regardless other than the intimacy part of our relationship everything is good (she has no sex drive), so would I just be throwing away a comfortable thing?

input appreciated. thx


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  • Why do guys date girls with no sex drive? It only leads to dilemma's like this.

    Anyway, you are treading on thin ice. And it's her friends so what kind of person is she if she is hitting on you. Why would you get involved with someone so conniving?


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