Am I asking too much?

So I have been talking to this guy on and off for nine months. Well I Just got out of a bad relationship and I will be going to court to get a restraining order on my ex fiance. He was abusive. Court is this week and I went on a date with this other guy who I have recently started talking to again. He says he likes me a lot but when I'm down and I want to see him or go to his place and snuggle he won't do it. We were planning on doing it on our date yesterday and then he said he couldn't and that he wasn't ready for that. I'm not asking for a boyfriend just someone to be there for me during this when he said he would be. He says I'm expecting too much for him. He got mad and snapped at me today and I told him it hurt my feelings. He said I hold grudges and he said he's sorry. Am I asking too much from him? Is it really a turn off if a girl wants some alone time/ even offered him sex Because I like him and am having a hard time? I feel like an emotional wreck and like I'm the plague to him or something.


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  • Your thought was correct, "I thought if you cared about someone you do everything to make them feel better."

    He doesn't care about you in the way you need him too. He's not the guy for you, dedicate yourself to finding a new man. Like you said, he even offered him sex, and he turned it down. The man you need in your life would never turn down sex with you, because the emotions he feels with you are amplified immensely during sex, that makes it very enjoyable, but this guy doesn't get those feelings, that's why he can turn it down.

    I'm sure your hot, go find another man girl!

    • Thanks. I needed to hear that. He throws a fit when I tell him I'm not interested. He stalked me and harassed me til I took him back. This man is a psycho.

    • friend me if you want.

    • I just added you.

  • Well the sex thing is understandable. Nine months is a bit of a time so I'd think he'd be more supportive at this point...

    • I don't know if he doesn't know how to show support or what? He snapped at me because the couch he wanted to buy for his place was sold. I'm going to court, have my family getting involved with that and yells at me if I want to be alone, and all he can think about is his damn couch? I thought if you cared about someone you do everything to make them feel better.

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