One night stand contacting my friend all the time?

My one friend from college hooked up with this guy a couple months and ended up getting drunk. They had a one night stand and then she never thought about him after that because she thought he would never talk to her again and she kind of felt ashamed because she didn't want to have a one night stand but it kind of just happened. He also told her that night that he didn't want a girlfriend. So that night when after she got home he texted her saying "Make it home alright?". She never responded for obvious reasons. Anyways, she told me she just started moving on with her life. The last two months though he's been trying to hang out with her in the worst way. She keeps neglecting saying she is busy but he keep persisting. She then finally told the truth and said I don't want to randomly hook up with you. he then said "It's random?". She ignored him again. He kept bugging her the day after that though and she told him that she didn't want to be f*** buddies so she is not interested in hanging out at all. He then said " we don't have to f***" and "we can just chill and watch a movie without getting drunk". Can't he find someone other than my friend to try to convince to have sex with again. It's been over two months and he keeps bugging even though she made it obvious she doesn't want to be friends with benefits. What is this guys dealio?


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  • He's just trying too hard and doesn't take no for an answer.


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