What about a girl (or a guy) gets your attention?

And what keeps your attention? What makes you like them vs just see them as a hook-up?


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  • One thing to realize about men and attraction is that sexual attraction and emotional attraction are more distinct and independent of each other than it usually is for women.

    So generally, emotional attraction is going to be related strongly to personality, and sexual attraction to the body.

    But both will be initially based on appearance.

    -In the case of the overall attractive women, their body is usually healthy (outwardly, at least), and they have a more chill, positive energy. She gets excited about things and people. I wouldn't say perfect my any means, but more like she's glad to be human.

    -In the case of the hookup, she has a good body (sexual value), but she has some sort of chip on her shoulder and a cloud looming over her head. Unimpressed and demanding. She has little emotional value, and therefore the men who sleep with her do so more for sex than a relationship.

    I think this is why men are more likely to seek a quick fling. As I've mentioned at some point, emotional chemistry is about the same between men and women, but for women, sexual chemistry is more highly dependent on personal traits, whereas generally don't need emotional attraction for sexual attraction.

    For girls, emotional attraction generally is a prerequisite for sexual action.

    For guys, the two are more independent. There's less correlation. (Even through the combination of the two is great.)

    We both are attracted to, say, 10% of people emotionally, but many women like only about the same number sexually, whereas guys like probably 50% sexually.


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What Guys Said 2

  • it's mostly context for me. if I meet a girl in a club, I'm guaranteed to see her as a hookup. if I meet a girl at a coffee shop, more as a LTR thing.

  • Their personality, if she's able to talk with me easily, I'm hooked.


What Girls Said 2

  • honestly, I really like it when a guy can talk back to me. usually, most guys sweet talk to me and tell me the things they think I wanna hear. its nice at first, but then I get bored. however, if a guy can talk back to me, even argue about some things, and bust my balls (metaphorically, I don't have balls) then that makes me like them. I like it because they are being completely honest with me, they are not trying to impress me or anything

    • hell yeah, I love bantering back and forth with a girl

  • Somme whos interesting/smart/ fun vs . Just attractive.


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